Lessons from Blocking the Big 5 and More With Kashmir Hill

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Lessons from Blocking the Big 5 and More With Kashmir Hill

Hey there listeners, this is Tech Policy Grind, the show where we hammer out the latest in tech law and policy with the folks at the forefront of that space, and today, we have such a treat.

Let’s be honest, if you’re listening to this show, you’ve almost certainly read her work over on Gizmodo. Her incredible articles on the Pregnancy Panopticon, how your smart home can spy on you, and recently, what its’ like – and whether it’s possible – to ‘block’ the big 5 tech companies from your life – are some of, if not the best pieces of journalism out there on consumer technology privacy issues.

Our guest is, of course, is Kashmir Hill, senior writer at Gizmodo Media Group’s Special Projects Desk, and a self described canary in the coal mine for bad consumer technology privacy issues. This week we get to talk about lessons she learned from Blocking the Big 5, the state of consumer privacy protections in the US, and her journey from blogging at Above the Law to writing with an investigative team at Gizmodo where she gets to work on fascinating stories for months at a time.

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So, with the introductions behind us, let’s start the show.