Rightscon 2018 – Javier Pallermo and Rightscon Retrospective

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Tech Policy Grind
Rightscon 2018 - Javier Pallermo and Rightscon Retrospective

All right listeners, This is Tech Policy Grind, a show all about the exciting, occassionally inspiring things happening in internet law and policy – My name is Emory and this week, I’m excited because I get to bring you all along with me to Rightscon 2018, one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do in my professional career so far.

Rightscon is the world’s leading conference on human rights in the digital age, with thousands of attendees, more than 450 panels, hosted over 3 days (4 if you count day zero events) last month in Toronto. I was there this year, Joe Jerome was there too, as well as most everyone that’s been on our show so far!

Coming up is a two parter – first, you’ll hear my conversation with Javier Palero of Access Now before his panel on podcasting as a tool for advocacy. After that, stay tuned for a retrospective with Joe and I – as we talk about some of our favorite panels, the most interesting trends and topics, where we found the best swag and our thoughts on the conference.

We’ve had an absolute blast producing this season of Tech Policy Grind! We’re wrapping up with one more show after this before we break for the summer – and we’d love to hear from our listeners before we come back better than ever. You can always reach out to us on twitter, but if you really want to make a difference, please consider leaving a review on iTunes. All right – that’s it for intro – now please enjoy my conversation with Javier Pallero and a retrospective on the conference with Joe Jerome at Rightscon 2018.