SOTN2018 – James Bessen and Charles Duan say “Poppycock!” to Techno-Pessimists

Well isn’t this exciting! Emory here, to let you know that yes, we’re bucking the norm this week and releasing some very special BONUS episodes of Tech Policy Grind! Last week Joe and I attended State of the Net, the largest internet policy conference in the country! We streamed some of what we did that day live – maybe you caught us then! If not, that’s fine, because all this week we’re releasing interviews and discussions we had with movers and shakers, and generally fascinating people doing work at the very front lines of tech policy. From fake news to robotic job snatchers, techno-dictators and sensible internet policy – we’ve got it all, right here, this week, on Tech Policy Grind!



Today, we’re starting things off with the first chat we had of the day, with James Bessen and Charles Duan. We talk about how much we have to fear (or do we?) from the much hyped impending robot takeover.