🎙️ Our Podcast Is Back! Listen to the first two episodes

Tech Policy Grind, the Foundry’s original podcast, is back with a new series from the amazing new class of Foundry Fellows. Episodes 1 and 2 are out and available for listening. Links to the episodes are below. Make sure to subscribe to the “Tech Policy Grind” using your favorite app.


Episode 1: CISA’s Ayan Islam Talks With Reema Moussa

In this episode Reema Moussa, a 4th Class Fellow, sat down with Ayan Islam of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), in celebration of #WomensHistoryMonth. They talked about about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cybersecurity space. They had a great conversation on the state of diversity in cyber, the implications of the lack of female and other underrepresented groups in the field, and what CISA is doing to make a change. [MORE]

Episode 2: The Internet Society’s Konstantinos Komaitis Talks With Meri Baghdasaryan

In this episode of the Grind Meri Baghdasaryan, a 4th Class Fellow, sat down with Konstantinos Komaitis, a veteran of developing and analyzing internet policy to ensure an open and global Internet. They chatted about the recent developments around Internet infrastructure and online content in the context of the war in Ukraine. In particular, we discussed the responses from ICANN and RIPE NCC to Ukraine’s requests to respectively make access to Russian websites and email difficult for people outside as well as inside of Russia, and to revoke IP address delegation to Russia.  [MORE]