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About the Internet Law & Policy Foundry

Meet The Fellows

Since its inception, there have been four cohorts of Foundry Fellows. The current cohort is the 2022 class of fellows (the 4th). Meet them.

The Internet Law & Policy Foundry is a collaborative collection of early-career Internet law and policy professionals passionate about technology and disruptive innovation.

The Foundry offers members a platform for professional development, constructive debate, and network-building within a cohort of skilled attorneys and policy analysts eager to help shape the development of Internet law and policy.

As advocacy spending in technology policy grows and internet companies become more sophisticated in dealing with legal and public policy issues, the Foundry was created to address the growing demand by early and mid-level law and policy professionals for opportunities to master a range of Internet policy issues and apply their knowledge. Members are interested and involved not only in traditional areas affected by the internet like patents and copyright, telecommunications regulation, and consumer protection, but also issues in which the Internet is central like cybersecurity, content moderation, privacy, and surveillance. The Foundry aims to create a space in which early professionals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives can develop their expertise and identify stimulating opportunities in the technology law and policy field.

The Foundry is led by a core group of professionals and outstanding students who have demonstrated genuine passion for the internet, technology, and innovation within and beyond their studies or profession. Similar to a bar association, the Foundry offers seminars, publications, and networking opportunities, but Foundry membership is open to lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Foundry members make up the vanguard of the burgeoning internet law and policy ecosystem.

The Internet Law and Policy Foundry (ILPF) is a professional development organization composed of early career professionals working across law, technology, and policy. We are passionate about shaping the equitable development and governance of technology and the internet, and aim to foster a community of diverse voices that explore these issues through writing, network building, and constructive debate. 

The Foundry envisions a world in which the most important positions in internet, communications, and technology law and policy are held by professionals who are truly passionate about the transformative power of the internet and technology.