Research Manager, Privacy and Data Policy

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Meta is looking for a privacy policy expert with deep experience in research around privacy, technology, and data legislation to join our Privacy and Data Policy Research Team. The team’s mission is to distill insights from academia for strategic policy positioning and evidence-based policymaking, develop guidance for team research efforts, and drive external proactive research initiatives to advance our policy goals. In this role, you’ll collaborate with policy and subject matter experts at Meta—along with external policymakers and the academic community—to help promote research into technical and policy innovations that will improve people’s privacy and build the next generation of data protection policy around the world. This candidate will build initiatives to promote thoughtful research from diverse perspectives on privacy and data policy issues.

The ideal candidate for this role has published on privacy-relevant policy, and has worked in academia or with privacy researchers. This candidate can switch easily between big­ picture conceptual thinking and detailed analysis. A successful candidate will be deeply familiar with digital platforms and be able to use their background and relationships to conduct and promote high­ quality research and research dialogues around privacy and data policy. This role will work closely with other privacy experts in Meta’s policy team, as well as with Meta’s communications, legal, university relations, and privacy engineering groups. This candidate should be a creative thinker with good instincts about how to drive new, practical solutions to privacy and data policy challenges.

Research Manager, Privacy and Data Policy Responsibilities
  • Develop initiatives to promote high­ quality academic research around policy and technology that improves people’s privacy and promotes innovation
  • Build collaborations with academic institutions
  • Represent Meta at events and in meetings with policymakers, privacy academics, and other stakeholders
  • Draft and communicate publicly on research surrounding privacy and data policy and their implications for the next generation of global privacy legislation
  • Advise internal teams on developments in privacy research to help guide development of products and policies
Minimum Qualifications
  • Experience working in a University, research center, or non-profit research organization environment
  • Familiarity with privacy and data policy issues
  • 5+ years of experience conducting or supporting research around technology and policy issues
  • Bachelor’s degree
Preferred Qualifications
  • Ph.D, Master’s, or advanced technical degree
  • Experience developing and managing academic conferences and grant programs
  • Experience publishing on topics at the intersection of technology and policy in academic journals
  • Experience communicating publicly on topics at the intersection of technology and policy at academic conferences

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