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Looking to get into Internet law and Policy?

Check out these resources compiled by Foundry members for students and early-career professionals who are interested in a career in technology and Internet policy or law. Then head over to our job board to put your newfound knowledge to work!

Books and Papers


So You Want to Be an Internet Policy Analyst?
By Adam Thierer, The Technology Liberation Front, July 10, 2014
Each year I am contacted by dozens of people who are looking to break into the field of information technology policy as a think tank analyst, a research fellow at an academic institution, or even as an activist. Unfortunately, there’s only so much time in the day and I am sometimes not able to get back to all of them. I always feel bad about that, so, this essay is an effort to gather my thoughts and advice and put it all one place so that I will at least have something to send these folks.

Wanted: talented, gritty libertarians who are passionate about technology
By Eli Dourado, Mercatus
Ten or fifteen years ago, when I sat around and thought about what I would do with my life, I never considered directing the technology policy program at Mercatus. It’s not exactly a career track you can get on — not like being a lawyer, a doctor, a professor.

Applying to Law School: Crossing Off To-Dos, Focusing on To-Bes
By Amanda Levendowski, Ms.JD
I don’t come from a family of lawyers – I come from a family of accountants. My parents were nothing but encouraging and supportive of my decision to go to law school, which they’d speculated was a long-time coming. But my parents couldn’t offer much in the way of advice or expertise when it came to questions like “Should I take an LSAT prep course?” and “When should I submit my applications?”

How I Graduated From Law School With A Job
By Franklin Graves, Aug. 1, 2014
Earlier this week, I reached out to a few friends from across the country that recently graduated from law school and obtained legal jobs. I have compiled below a number of tips, tricks, and suggestions that you can implement as you embark upon your own job search.

Go to law school if you want to
By Ali Sternburg, Medium, Aug. 24, 2013
Some thoughts to counter all the ‘don’t go to law school’ crap.


Who’s Who in Internet Politics: A Taxonomy of Information Technology Policy
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, October 2010
The debate over IT policy issues does not take place in a vacuum or only in the corridors of Congress. From think tanks to trade associations to single-issue advocacy groups, a proliferation of organizations fights to shape digital policy debates. This report is a field guide to help the reader understand the politics of IT.

Internet Law: Cases and Problems 5.0
James Grimmelmann, updated August 3, 2015
Case book available as a pay-what-you-want PDF download, with a suggested price of $30.

Intellectual Property: Law & the Information Society—Cases and Materials
James Boyle & Jennifer Jenkins, released Aug. 27, 2014
This book is an introduction to intellectual property law, focusing on the three main forms of US federal intellectual property—trademark, copyright and patent.

Internet Law/Policy Jobs

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