🎙️ Episode 4 The Internet is Fragile: Creating a More Inclusive Internet

Tech Policy Grind is back with Episode 4 featuring Berkeley’s’ Nick Merrill in a discussion with Foundry Fellow Lama Mohammed about Internet fragility and decentralization. A link to the episode is below. Make sure to subscribe to the “Tech Policy Grind” using your favorite app. 

In this episode of the Tech Policy Grind Class 4 Fellow Lama Mohammed interviews Nick Merrill, a Research Fellow at UC Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity and Director of the Daylight Security Research Lab.

Episode four follows Nick and Lama in a discussion on Internet fragility. When the world’s wealthiest and most powerful stakeholders battle for control of the Internet, they push marginalized voices out. As solutions, our experts discuss the significance of decentralizing the web and highlight how public-private partnerships can strengthen the Internet.

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Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for our next episode!