Foundry Hosts Star Party & Astronomy Night

Last week Foundry Fellows hosted a Star Party alongside Hofstra’s Sixth Annual Astronomy Festival on the National Mall. The Star Party featured Jeff Nosanov as the Star Docent. Mr. Nosanov is a NASA Jet Propulsion Lab alum and CEO of V-Sense Medical Devices, a start-up building vital sign monitoring devices using NASA radar technology.

Foundry Fellows and friends were treated to an insurmountable amount of space knowledge. Mr. Nosanov graciously answered every question postured including:

  • What happens if you murder someone in space?
  • What laws apply on the space station?
  • Is interstellar travel possible?
  • What will the next big space adventure be?
  • What is the sun?

After wetting their whistles at Elephant & Castle on Pennsylvania Avenue Foundry Fellows and friends followed Foundry Fellow Veronica Torres and her red star balloon to the Astronomy Festival. The festival featured over twenty telescopes for viewing sunspots and close-up views of the Moon, Saturn with its beautiful rings, Jupiter, Mars, and millions of stars.

Many thanks to Star Docent Jeff Nosanov and our own Veronica Torres!