Internet Law and Policy Foundry Announces its 2017 – 2019 President

Internet Law and Policy Foundry Announces its 2017 – 2019 President

The Internet Law and Policy Foundry (the Foundry) is proud to announce that Patrick Kyhos is the executive President for its 2017 – 2019 fellowship class

Patrick Kyhos
Today the Foundry is pleased to announce Patrick Kyhos is the President for its 2017 – 2019 fellowship class. Patrick will lead the Foundry’s stellar executive board, which was named earlier.

Patrick is an information security and privacy attorney. His work focuses on transparency, data security, privacy, and national security. “We’re thrilled that Patrick is leading the team,” said executive board co-secretary Angela Hooks, “There has never been a better time to have strong leadership in the area of Internet law and policy.”

The executive team will provide structure and guidance for all Internet Law and Policy Foundry events and content development projects, with an emphasis on highlighting the work of current Fellows and fostering new ideas and collaboration between all members.

The Foundry is a collaborative collection of early-career professionals passionate about technology and disruptive innovation. Fellows — who were selected through a competitive process — are provided with a platform for professional development, constructive debate, and network-building within a cohort of skilled attorneys and policy analysts eager to help shape the development of internet law and policy. The Foundry is run by its fellows, who are responsible for putting together events and content of interest that cater to the technology, law, and public policy communities. The Foundry envisions a world in which the most important positions in Internet, communications, and technology law and policy are held by professionals who are truly passionate about the transformative power of the Internet and technology.

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