A 2023 Privacy Law Update with Keir Lamont and Divya Sridhar [S4E36]

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Tech Policy Grind
A 2023 Privacy Law Update with Keir Lamont and Divya Sridhar [S4E36]

2023 privacy law update with keir lamont (pictured left) and divya sridhar (pictured right) - reema moussa pictured center

Welcome back to the Tech Policy Grind podcast! This week, Reema chats with Keir Lamont (Future of Privacy Forum) and Divya Sridhar (BBB National Programs) on the core 2023 privacy law updates you need to know. They cover updates since Keir was on the show last year discussing his 5 key predictions for 2023 – including how those predictions panned out, what actually happened, and what’s coming up in 2024.

As the Director of Privacy Initiatives at BBB National Programs, Divya’s portfolio encompasses the design, development and launch of multiple industry self-regulation privacy programs. She is a seasoned leader who previously served in numerous capacities at think tanks, private companies, and nonprofits leading government affairs and policy work.

Keir Lamont (CIPP/US) is the Director of the Future of Privacy Forum’s U.S. Legislation team. In this role he supports research and independent analysis concerning federal, state, and local consumer privacy laws and regulations. Keir previously held positions at CCIA and the Program on Data and Governance at Ohio State University. He holds a J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. from the University of Florida.

You can check out Keir’s blog post on questions for 2024, last year’s episode, Divya’s articles mentioned, and other useful resources below.

Resources mentioned:

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