A DIY Tech Policy Major: Fellow Highlight with Lama Mohammed [S4E04]

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A DIY Tech Policy Major: Fellow Highlight with Lama Mohammed [S4E04]

Last season we started a tradition of featuring old and current Foundry Fellows in an episode spotlight. In this episode, we bring this tradition back with Class 4 Fellow Lama Mohammed kicking off the Foundry Fellows Highlight series for Season Four, covering her career path and DIY creation of a her own “tech policy major” at American University!

Class 4 Fellow and Tech Policy Grind host, editor and producer Reema Moussa sits down with Lama during the IAPP GPS Conference. You’ve heard her on the show before, but we get into her background. She spends her 9-5 as a Senior Associate at the Glen Echo Group. Glen Echo Group is a Washington, DC-based public affairs and public relations firm specializing in technology policy.

Reema chats with Lama about her journey, including how Lama embarked on her technology policy career pathway while at AU, her work for The Foundry and All Tech Is Human, her hopes for the future and more!

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