A Year in Review with the Tech Policy Grind [S3E30]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
A Year in Review with the Tech Policy Grind [S3E30]

from top left, clockwise; reema moussa, joe catapano, lama mohammed, and meri baghdasaryan, tech policy grind logo in the middle

What a year it’s been…in this episode, some familiar faces (or rather, voices) from the Tech Policy Grind team of Internet Law and Policy Foundry Class 4 Fellows come together to review the revival of the pod with Season 3 this year. We dive into the original history behind the podcast’s conception, what the Foundry has been up to this year, and what we’re looking forward to in 2023.

Also, we chat over some exciting changes coming to the Foundry Fellowship in 2023. If you’re interested in joining the Foundry as a Fellow, make sure to check out ilpfoundry.us and follow us on social media (LinkedIn and Twitter @ILPFoundry) for updates on when the 2023 Fellow Application will be released.

It’s been a wild ride. Whether you’ve been tuning in since the beginning or just hopped on, we want to hear from you! Reach out to us at [email protected]. What are your thoughts on the show this season, and what are you hoping to see in Season 4?

That’s right; we’ll be back in 2023 with some exciting changes for Season 4 of your favorite tech policy podcast.

Signing off for now – have a happy new year everyone!

Much love,

Reema, Meri, Joe, Lama, and the whole Tech Policy Grind Team

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Disclaimer: The thoughts and opinions discussed in this episode do not reflect the views of the organizations and institutions that Reema, Meri, Joe, and Lama are affiliated with.