An Engineer’s Guide to Cyber Policy with Grant Versfeld [S4E26]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
An Engineer's Guide to Cyber Policy with Grant Versfeld [S4E26]

fellow highlights with grant versfeld (pictured with microphone)

This week Class 4 Fellow and Fellow Highlights series host Meri Baghdasaryan sits down with Grant Versfeld. Grant is Co-Vice President for the Foundry’s current E-Board and is a Threat Intelligence Engineer at a major tech company. He recently graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Computer Science, where he specialized in cybersecurity and technology policy. As a student, he served as a Teaching Assistant for Dr. Susan Landau at the Fletcher School and interned with the Center for Democracy and Technology. In his spare time, Grant volunteers with an organization that provides security and privacy services to survivors of intimate partner violence.

Meri and Grant chat about threat intelligence, Grant’s work with CDT and at the Foundry. Then, they reflect on the importance of interdisciplinary approach and collaboration in tech policy and beyond. 

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