Brazilian Privacy Update with Marcela Mattiuzzo and Nathalie Fragoso [S4E34]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
Brazilian Privacy Update with Marcela Mattiuzzo and Nathalie Fragoso [S4E34]

brazilian privacy update with Nathalie Fragoso (pictured right), Reema Moussa (pictured center), and Marcela Mattiuzzo (pictured left)

Welcome back to the “Tech Policy Grind” podcast by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry! This week, Reema chats with Marcela Mattiuzzo and Nathalie Fragoso, Partners at VMCA Advogados, on Brazilian privacy law and regulatory policy updates.

They dive into recent activity from Brazil’s data protection authority (the ANPD), and the history of the LGPD. They also cover how regulatory control of Artificial Intelligence is shaping up.

Marcela Mattiuzzo is partner at VMCA in the areas of data protection and competition law. She holds a PhD and a Masters from the University of São Paulo. Previously, she was a Visiting Fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale University. In addition, she worked as advisor and chief of staff to the President of the Brazilian competition authority.

Nathalie Fragoso is a partner at VMCA in the area of data protection and technology as well, with a special focus on internet regulation. She is also a Professor at Insper. Previously, she has been the Head of Research on Privacy and Surveillance at InternetLab, and held roles at the Brazilian Institute for the Defense of the Right to Defense, the Criminal Justice Network, and the Luiz Gama Human Rights Clinic at the University of São Paulo Law School.

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Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for our next episode!

DISCLAIMER: Reema engaged with this episode by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry voluntarily and in her personal capacity. The views and opinions expressed on this show do not reflect the organizations and institutions she is affiliated with.