Building a Career in Cybersecurity Public Service with Patrick Kyhos [S3E20]

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Building a Career in Cybersecurity Public Service with Patrick Kyhos [S3E20]

Building a Career in Cybersecurity Public Service with Patrick Kyhos

Another day, another Fellow Highlight! This time we step back to chat with former Class 2 President and Foundry Fellow Patrick Kyhos, Deputy Chief of Cyber Policy at the FBI. Reema and Patrick chat about his career in cybersecurity public service, his lifelong commitment to Washington DC, and the evolution of the Foundry.

Patrick is an attorney for the Federal Government, specialized in cybersecurity, privacy, and emerging technology. His team devises solutions for investigation and operational technology issues including data protection, supply chain risk mitigation, international cyber incident response, artificial intelligence implementation, and digital asset payment protections.

Prior to joining the FBI, Patrick began his service in civil litigation on cases pertaining to national security and technology. He graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law in 2014. He is currently pursuing an LL.M. in Technology Law at Georgetown University.

They also chat about the Foundry’s Policy Hackathon. This year’s theme is “Into the Metaverse,” and the Hackathon will run from October 14th – 16th.

While applications to participate in this year’s Hackathon are closed, the Foundry is accepting entries for a writing competition on the Metaverse from students and recent graduates until October 13th. You can find more information about the writing competition on our website,

Also coming up: The Foundry and Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) Privacy, Policy & Law Affiliate are pleased to present CYBER CON. Join us for this virtual cybersecurity convention in celebration of Cybersecurity Awareness Month! CYBER CON will take on Friday, October 28 starting at 11AM ET and run until 2:30PM ET. Register here!

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