Building a Responsible Tech Community with David Polgar [S4E20]

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Building a Responsible Tech Community with David Polgar [S4E20]

building a responsible tech community with david polgar (pictured right) and reema moussa (pictured left)

Welcome back to the Tech Policy Grind Podcast by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry! This week, Reema chats with David Ryan Polgar, Founder of All Tech is Human, about creating a responsible tech community.

They get into what responsible tech means, and why David thinks New York City is the center of the responsible tech community. Reema and David also dig into his background, and how his multiple hats as an attorney, educator, and founder contribute to his outlook on what responsible tech means for our local and global societies in the digital age.

Plus, Reema and fellow Foundry Fellow Lama Mohammed chat with attendees of All Tech is Human’s latest NYC Responsible Tech mixer about what the responsible tech community means to them.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for our next episode!

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