CCPA, GDPR, BIPA and more with EFF’s Lee Tien at SOTN2019 [S2E02]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
CCPA, GDPR, BIPA and more with EFF's Lee Tien at SOTN2019 [S2E02]

Hey Listeners, welcome to Tech Policy Grind, a project of the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. My name is Emory Roane, and today should be a treat for privacy nerds out there! This is another conversation brought to you from the floor of State of the Net 2019 – an internet policy conference held each year in Washington D.C.

This is an interview – or really, a “privacy advocates react” to State of the Net – with regular cohost Joe Jerome of the Center for Democracy and Technology, and Lee Tien, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Together, we have a fairly wonky dive into some of the updates and confusion in the California Consumer Privacy Act, and some really interesting discussion about the role predictability should play in policy. We briefly cover the recent Illinois supreme court case Rosenbach v. Six Flags and the importance for the Biometric Information Privacy Act. And of course! We place our bets on whether (or not) we’ll see a federal privacy law this year.

Honestly it was a real pleasure for me to get to talk to Lee and bring you along for the conversation. Lee is someone who I aspire to be like, he is a brilliant speaker and an expert in all the coolest areas of law. If you like this, and I hope you do, let us know and follow us on twitter @TechPolicyGrind. With nothing else to introduce, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Lee Tien, at State of the Net, 2019.