Debunking CCPA Myths with Mary Stone Ross

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Debunking CCPA Myths with Mary Stone Ross

Hey there listeners! Sorry about last week – we had some technical issues that are… well, actually they’re not at all sorted out yet. Pour one out for the old editing PC because that poor machine is dead. But! After editing this entire episode with a mousepad and recording this intro from my closet – we have a really special episode for you.

You’re listening to Tech Policy Grind, the podcast from the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. My name is Emory Roane, and today we’re bringing you a conversation I was lucky to have with Mary Stone Ross, one of the original coauthors of the ballot initiative that became the California Consumer Privacy Act. In this winding conversation, we talk about debunking common CCPA myths, why privacy rights are so essential right now, and what it takes for a CIA analyst to turn privacy advocate!

I say this about every conversation, I’m sure, but i had a great time talking with Mary Stone Ross, and I hope you will too. I can’t promise we’ll stop talking about the CCPA after this episode, but if you enjoyed last season’s wonky dive into one of the most exciting privacy laws in the country (god I’m such a nerd) – well, stick around!

Before we head off back to the State of the Net 2019, where we recorded this conversation, I have some exciting news! The Internet Law and Policy Foundry will be accepting applications for our next class of Fellows, starting next week! Stay tuned to the Foundry twitter @ilpfoundry for more information, but expect the application to go live on March 15th, and the final date to submit your application will be April 30th. If you’re a Student or Emerging professional, or have a tech law and policy background, I hope we see your application! The Foundry is a collection of early career professionals trying to pave their way in the tech law and policy world. I’ve met some incredible people, friends and colleagues, and it’s given me some awesome opportunities.

All right, now back to the wonkiness: Please sit back and enjoy this deep dive into the California Consumer Privacy Act with coauthor Mary Stone Ross, at State of the Net, 2019.