Demystifying Election Security Misinformation with Katie Harbath [S4E32]

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Demystifying Election Security Misinformation with Katie Harbath [S4E32]

demystifying election security misinformation with katie harbath (pictured left) and lama mohammed (pictured right)

Welcome back to the “Tech Policy Grind” podcast by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry! In this episode, Senior Fellow Lama Mohammed interviews Katie Harbath, CEO and Founder of Anchor Change on election security misinformation.

With 2024 setting out to be “tsunami” year of elections, Lama and Katie dive deep into definitions, misinformation around election infrastructure. Then, they get into the role of AI in disinformation, rebuilding trust between public users, technologists, government, and the media, and more.

Anchor Change is a consulting organization developing solutions at the intersection of tech, policy, and business. They focus on global issues related to democracy, elections, and civic engagement online.

You also can connect with Katie on LinkedIn and Twitter, or by subscribing to her newsletter “Anchor Change with Katie Harbath.”

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