Different Perspectives on the Metaverse [S3E18]

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Different Perspectives on the Metaverse [S3E18]

different perspectives on the metaverse

“Different Perspectives on the Metaverse,” hosted by Internet Law & Policy Foundry Class Four Fellow Ashwini Natesan, brings together TerraZero Technologies Inc.’s Ryan Kieffer, Open Voice Network’s Michael Novak, VR Networking’s Roberto DaCosta and Hoth Intelligence’s Sanjit Singh for a conversation on different perspectives on the Metaverse from a variety of stakeholders.

The Metaverse is a hot-button discussion across disciplines. As these technologies enter the mainstream, the possibilities for use seem endless. Listen in to learn more about the Metaverse from the perspectives of people who interact with it in a variety of ways!

This event is the fourth live webinar in a series of events related to the Metaverse leading up to our third annual Policy Hackathon. The Hackathon will be held this October 14-16th. Also, ILPF is hosting a writing competition for students and new graduates with prizes up to $1,500. For more information about the Hackathon and writing competition check out our website here. You can watch the full recording of this discussion here.

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