Episode 10: Inayat Chaudhry and the Value of LL.M’s and Cryptokitties

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
Episode 10: Inayat Chaudhry and the Value of LL.M's and Cryptokitties

Hey, listeners, it’s time for another episode of Tech Policy Grind! I think you’re going to really like this one, and it marks the first in a multi-part series we’ll be doing on bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies – and how they’re barreling into the world of internet law and policy.

Today, Joe and I had the opportunity to sit down and talk tech with Inayat Chaudhry. Inayat is a fellow with the foundry, and is currently pursuing her LL.M at UC Berkeley’s School of Law, taking what has to be the coolest courseload for well, probably anyone that’s listening to this show. Join us as we talk about her LL.M experience, the value of internships at Wikimedia and the EFF, fundamentals of blockchain technology, and we all share our inner love for – or at least fascination with – cryptokitties.

As always, if you like the show, please stick around till the end, maybe share the show with a friend if you can’t leave a quick review on iTunes. You can follow the show on twitter @TechPolicyGrind, we hope to see you there. For now, enjoy a nerdy dive into the blockchain rabbit hole with Joe Jerome, myself, Emory Roane, and Inayat Chaudhry.


Joining us today:

Inayat is an LL.M candidate at UC Berkeley’s School of Law. Before this, she was a legal intern at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) where she worked on copyright law, Internet of Things, and First Amendment issues. Before EFF, Inayat worked as a legal fellow with the Wikimedia Foundation where she focused on copyright law, trademark law, privacy law, and international law issues dealing with intellectual property. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional.