Episode 13 – Bijan Madhani: The Europeans Are Coming! GDPR Spectacular

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
Episode 13 - Bijan Madhani: The Europeans Are Coming! GDPR Spectacular

The Europeans are coming! Hi everyone, welcome to Tech Policy Grind, a show by and about young professionals in the tech law and policy space – today we’re joined by Bijan Madhani – fellow foundry member at the Internet Law and Policy Foundry, Senior policy counsel at CCIA – the Computer & Communications Industry Association – to talk about the General Data Protection Regulations – the new set of sweeping and far-reaching privacy regulations coming online in Europe this week, on May 25th. Should small businesses be concerned? Is the GDPR really Thanos – and if so, does that make the right to be forgotten the Time Stone? We cover these crucial issues and more – right here on Tech Policy Grind

Joining us today:

Bijan Madhani is Senior Policy Counsel at the Computer & Communications Industry Association. He concentrates primarily on privacy and surveillance policy,Mahdani-B cybersecurity, and Internet governance issues relating to free expression and open networks. Bijan previously focused on these matters as a law clerk with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Judiciary Committee office, PBS, and the Department of Justice. He also recently spent time as counsel with the Food and Drug Administration, prior to which he worked as a Legal Fellow with CCIA.