Episode 15: Ending the Season with A Very Wonky California Consumer Privacy Act

Hey! You’re listening to Tech Policy Grind, and we want to thank you for joining us on this awesome adventure we’ve been on since launching the show last year. Our release schedule hasn’t always been the tightest, our audio quality hasn’t always been the most polished, but you’ve stuck with us as we covered everything from privacy to artificial intelligence, to copyright, to privacy – okay, a lot of privacy talk – but it’s been a big year for privacy! Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, The General Data Protection Regulation, more Facebook… Unfortunately Pinal couldn’t join us, but today Joe and I are closing out this, the first season of Tech Policy Grind, with a bit of a meandering deep dive into the new California Consumer Protect Act of 2018, YouTube’s COPPA problems, and a bit of a retrospective as we look back on almost a year of awesome conversations, and forward to the next.

We’re going to be going on a bit of a Summer hiatus for the next few months, but don’t let that stop you from reaching out to us on twitter @TechPolicyGrind and letting us know what you think of the show. We’d love to hear your thoughts, and especially any ideas for season 2!

With that, I’ll sign off for the summer, bid you all adieu’ and best of luck staying cool – enjoy this wonky privacy talk with Joe Jerome and myself, Emory Roane, on Tech Policy Grind.