Episode 16: State of the Net 2019 – A Conversation with FTC Commissioner Slaughter

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
Episode 16: State of the Net 2019 - A Conversation with FTC Commissioner Slaughter

Listeners! We’re back! Tech Policy Grind has had a long, relaxing (well, not very relaxing) summer… and fall hiatus – but we’re back (and if I’m honest and modest)better than ever, and excited to bring you a batch of new interviews with tech policy nerds, for all you tech policy nerds and aspiring nerds out there.

This is Tech Policy Grind, a podcast from the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. Every week – oh yeah, that’s a thing now – we’ll be releasing new interviews and conversations with folks working at the intersection of law and technology. We’ll talk about the fascinating work that they’re doing, and the lessons they learned along the way.

This week, we’re starting things off with an interview with an FTC Commissioner! We were so, so lucky to talk with Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter this year at State of the Net, 2019.

Listeners from last year may remember that State of the Net is an Internet Policy conference held each year in Washington D.C. by the Internet Education Foundation, the Internet Law and Policy Foundry’s parent organization. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing more interviews from State of the Net where we talked – quite a bit- about privacy – it’s kind of a big deal this year. We also talked about platform liability, the California Consumer Privacy Act, and, well, the state of the internet in 2019.

This week, though, we talk about things I know next to nothing about, but that makes it all the more fascinating. Commissioner Slaughter tells us what it’s like to go through a government shutdown, and we get a lesson on vertical and horizontal mergers – basically, are we thinking about the harms properly when a Google buys a Whatsapp don’t at me – and are we holding these big mergers to account after the fact? Antitrust law, it turns out, is awesome. we also, of course, glean any career lessons we can from the Commissioner, who has some tips on how to find not just a mentor, but a champion.

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So! Sit back, or keep doing what you’re doing! Keep hustling! it’s 2019 – or, 2020 if you’re listening to this long after release for some reason. In which case, thank you, you keep doing your thing too, and enjoy a conversation with FTC Commissioner Slaughter at State of the Net 2019.