How to Start a Tech Policy Podcast and Other Stories with Reema Moussa [S4E37]

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Tech Policy Grind
How to Start a Tech Policy Podcast and Other Stories with Reema Moussa [S4E37]

fellow highlights with reema moussa

This week, Meri Baghdasaryan sits down with Reema Moussa, the host and producer of this podcast. Reema is currently a third-year J.D. Candidate at the USC Gould School of Law focused on cybersecurity, privacy, internet governance, trust & safety, and other tech law and policy issues.

In this episode, Meri takes Reema through an introspective conversation about Reema’s journey as a law student and an ILPF Fellow, as the fellowship (and her time in law school) comes to an end. In addition, Reema reflects on her path to internet law and policy, starting with a formative college internship at the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, which sparked her interest in international law, AI policy, and cyberwarfare. She then explains how she has found a niche at the nexus of cybersecurity & privacy, trust & safety, business, and the law over the last several years. Then, Meri and Reema get into her experience as a Foundry fellow and executive board member. She also highlights some of her other internships and organizations she’s been involved in.

Reema discusses her passion for being a bridge between professional communities and her goal of harnessing communication as a lawyer to drive innovation. As a tech optimist at heart, she discusses how she balances her motivation to use the law to protect people from the potential harms or abuses of technology, with her belief that technology can ultimately make the world better.

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DISCLAIMER: Reema Moussa and Meri Baghdasaryan engage with the Foundry voluntarily and in their personal capacities. The views and opinions expressed on air do not reflect on the organizations Reema and Meri are affiliated with.