Perils of Prescriptive Policy: a Technologist’s View with Jeremy Avnet [Episode 22]

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Perils of Prescriptive Policy: a Technologist's View with Jeremy Avnet [Episode 22]

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Welcome back to the Tech Policy Grind Podcast by the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. In this episode, Reema and Lama talk over some big lawsuits of the week before Class 4 Fellow Rebecca Kilberg dives deep with technologist Jeremy Avnet, former Director of Infrastructure Engineering at TrussWorks on the role of engineers and tech-minded folks in developing tech policy.

How should tech policy guide engineers developing software? What is useful to specify and what yields unintended consequences? Our experts discuss the difficulties of encountering policy, new and old, that mandates a rigid solution in a changing landscape. They explore the difficulties of developing software that adheres to federal guidelines even when all parties are aligned, and examine the specific case of DNS security over the last 15 years.

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