Rethinking Multistakerholderism in Internet Governance with Ayden Férdeline [S4E11]

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Rethinking Multistakerholderism in Internet Governance with Ayden Férdeline [S4E11]

fellow highlights with ayden férdeline

This week, Class 4 Fellow and Fellow Highlights series host Meri Baghdasaryan sits down with Fellow Class 4 Fellow Ayden Férdeline.

Meri and Ayden chat about the multiple hats Ayden wears in the Internet Governance ecosystem, the Global Digital Compact, the roles of various stakeholders in this space and the avenues to create your own opportunities.

Ayden Férdeline is a Landecker Democracy Fellow with the support of the Alfred Landecker Foundation and Humanity in Action. He monitors the development of the UN Secretary-General’s proposed Global Digital Compact ahead of 2024’s Summit of the Future. Ayden was previously a rapporteur with the Forum on Information and Democracy. He also was a technology policy fellow with the Mozilla Foundation.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

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