SOTN2018 – Dr. Betsy Cooper, The Witches Brew of Cyber-Security and Our Vulnerable Olympics [S1E12]

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SOTN2018 - Dr. Betsy Cooper, The Witches Brew of Cyber-Security and Our Vulnerable Olympics [S1E12]

Hey everyone, this is Emory, you’re listening to Tech Policy Grind – and if you’re just now tuning in, if you’re a new listener or just haven’t been paying much attention to your podcast feed this week, I’ve got great news! This is but one of five special bonus episode of Tech Policy Grind we’ve been releasing this week, of interviews and discussions Joe and I had at State of the Net 2018 – the largest internet policy conference in the country, hosted by our parent organization, the Internet Education Foundation. If you have been listening all week – we REALLY hope you’ve enjoyed this – it’s been exciting and a lot of fun to try something new with TPG, so if you liked what you heard this week, if you want to hear more like it, let us know! We’re still continually fishing for reviews on iTunes, but you can reach us on twitter @TechPolicyGrind and we’d really love to hear from you.

We’re wrapping up our week of bonus Tech Policy Grind episodes with a conservation Joe and I had with Dr. Betsy Cooper, Executive Director of the Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cyber-security. We talked about the most pressing issues facing cyber-security and had an extremely fun dive into a topic I had personally never thought about: cyber-security at the Olympics!

Keep it tuned right here for the whole interview, and from everyone here at Tech PolicyGrind, we hope you’ve enjoyed this week of bonus content! We’ll be back to the normal release schedule next week with a regularly scheduled episode of Tech Policy Grind next Monday, February 12th
Okay, so, with all that said, please, sit back and enjoy the last conversation of the day, with Dr. Betsy Cooper of Berkeley’s Center for Long Term Cybersecurity, at State of the Net 2018.