SOTN2018 – Mike Masnick, Fake News and the Dangers of Doing Too Much

Tech Policy Grind

Welcome to day 4 of Tech Policy Grind’s State of the Net 2018 coverage!

Today we’re thrilled to bring you a brief discussion Joe and I had with TechDirt’s own Mike Masnick! Joe and I are both huge fans of Mike’s writing, and if you aren’t already, you probably should be! CEO, founder and writer for the blog, Mike’s articles offer some of the best examples of tech journalism out there today. From net neutrality to artificial intelligence to surveillance and fake news – Mike has written about it all – and chances are, Joe and I mostly agree with him. Today we talked about his panel at State of the Net 2018, on the dangers of fake news, and, perhaps more importantly, the risks associated with “doing something” about the problem.

So, sit back, and be worried – but not hasty – and enjoy our discussion with Mike Masnick at State of the Net 2018