SOTN2018 – We Talk Internet Policy With Commissioner Karen Charles Peterson and Dr. Roslyn Layton

Tech Policy Grind

Hey Tech Policy Grind! Emory, back once more, to introduce a very internet policy episode of TPG, recorded while at State of the Net 2018 last week! On this two parter, we’ll hear from Commissioner Karen Charles Peterson and Dr. Rosyln Layton.

Commissioner Karen Charles Peterson is the Commissioner of the Department of Telecommunications and Cable for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Joe and I were thrilled to stream our conversation with Commissioner Charles Peterson live as we had it, last week at State of the Net 2018 – and we’re just as thrilled to be releasing it as a bonus episode of Tech Policy Grind, today! We talk about responsible municipal internet regulation, bridging the digital divide, and ways local governments are stepping up in response to the repeal of the Open Internet Order!

Coming up right afterwards is our discussion on net neutrality with Dr. Roslyn Layton, who comes down on decidedly different lines of reasoning than Commissioner Peterson. We want to thank both Commissioner Charles Peterson and Dr. Layton for joining us at State of the Net for a spirited discussion about some of the most pressing issues facing internet policy – the state of net neutrality and the digital divide. Keep it tuned right here for the rest of the week, as we’ve got more excellent interviews from State of the Net 2018, including discussions on Fake News with Tech Dirt’s Mike Masnik, and a survey of the Witches Brew of Cybersecurity with Dr. Betsy Cooper, Executive Director of Berkeley’s Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity!

So! Sit back, and enjoy day three of our Bonus State of the Net 2018 episodes of Tech policy Grind with Commissioner Karen Charles Peterson.