The Tech Policy Grind Signs Off (For Now!) [S4E38]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
The Tech Policy Grind Signs Off (For Now!) [S4E38]

This final episode of the Tech Policy Grind season 4 stars Class Four Internet Law & Policy Foundry Fellows Meri Baghdasaryan, Lama Mohammed, and Reema Moussa one last time before their fellowship with The Foundry ends in January.

In this episode, the fellows reflect on the highlights of 2023, including the growth of the podcast, the Foundry’s participation in the State of the Net, and our renowned Trivia Night. Meri, Lama, and Reema share their 2024 plans, and some of the Class Four Fellow’s favorite memories at The Foundry, including a star feature from Joseph Catapano.

Listeners will also get a sneak peek into Season 5 from the show’s new co-executive producers, Class Five Fellows Evan Enzer and Daniela Guzmán Peña.

Finally, thank you to our Class Four Fellows for all of your valuable contributions to the Tech Policy Grind and to the Foundry!

Resources in this episode:

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Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for our next episode!

DISCLAIMER: Reema Moussa, Lama Mohammed, Meri Baghdasaryan, Joseph Catapano, Rebeeca Kilberg, Evan Enzer, and Daniela Guzman Peña engage with the Foundry voluntarily and in their personal capacities. The views and opinions expressed on air do not reflect on the organizations Reema, Lama, Meri, Joseph, Rebecca, Evan and Daniela are affiliated with.