The TPG Gets Meta (Not That One): Podcasters Unite! with Angelique Carson, Nicole Dove, and Noah Katz [S4E35]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
The TPG Gets Meta (Not That One): Podcasters Unite! with Angelique Carson, Nicole Dove, and Noah Katz [S4E35]

Welcome back to the “Tech Policy Grind” podcast by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry! This week,
Reema gets “meta” by chatting with other podcasters to give a behind-the-scenes look into the world of tech policy podcast production. She chatted with Angelique Carson, host of The Privacy Beat podcast, Nicole Dove, host of the Urban Girl Corporate World podcast, and Noah Katz, host of the Careers in Data Privacy podcast. The podcast pros get into discuss how they launched their podcasts and what they’ve learned as podcast hosts. They also discuss their careers in the privacy, cybersecurity, and tech policy space. 

About the podcasters:

Angelique Carson is a longtime privacy journalist. After working in Maine’s local media, she spent 11 years reporting on privacy at the IAPP. There, she served as the editor of The Privacy Advisor, a monthly publication. In 2016, she launched the first-ever privacy podcast by the same name. Now Director of Content Strategy at TerraTrue, a privacy-by-design software startup, she publishes The Privacy Beat Newsletter and The Privacy Beat Podcast. She frequently speaks at events, as well as on panels, webinars, and other podcasts, and she’s based in Washington, D.C.

Nicole Dove is an award-winning cybersecurity leader, university lecturer, LinkedIn Learning Instructor & host of the Urban Girl Corporate World podcast with over 18 years of experience driving results across cybersecurity, audit, global operations and relationship management functions. At Riot Games, she serves as Head of Security, Games Division. There, she’s building the company’s first global BISO team, furthering the alignment of business and information security initiatives.

Noah Katz (CIPP/US) recently graduated from Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law. During his time in law school, Noah held internships at Zscaler, Ohio State University, and the Future of Privacy Forum. In addition, Noah was the Founder & President of the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Club. He was also the Managing Editor at the Ohio State Technology Law Journal.

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