We Ask the Question “Should We Tax Our Robot Overlords?” with Nikolas Guggenberger [S2E08]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
We Ask the Question "Should We Tax Our Robot Overlords?" with Nikolas Guggenberger [S2E08]

Hey there listeners, today we prepare for our inevitable robot overlords, and ask the question – if we can’t fight em’ should we tax tem instead? And really, what do we mean by tax? And for that matter – what do we mean by “robot”?

This is Tech Policy Grind, a podcast from the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. I’m your host, Emory Roane, and today I talked to Nikolas Guggeneberger of the Yale Information Society Project about one proposal to deal with the apparently rapidly approaching wave of automation: taxing businesses that shift to a robotic workforce

Really, the issue is much more subtle than -more so than I realzied, at least – and I’m so glad to have gotten Nikolas on the show to break down exactly how much I didn’t know. We also touch on some other ways technologies and government may be able to mitigate the upcoming robot jobacalypse, and Nikolas offers some sage advice for breaking into the tech-law field, even when that means traveling to the other side of the world.

I had an awesome time talking with Nikolas today, and I’m pretty sure you wonderful nerds out there will enjoy this, too. If you do (or if you don’t, I suppose) you can let us know on twitter @techpolicygrind. Another big announcement: applications are STILL OPEN for the next class of fellows at the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. I’ve had a few of you folks reach out already, but if you want to get involved with teh foundry, if you’re an early career professional or a student – I hope we see your application! You can apply at ilpfoundry.us/join/ and applications will be open until April 30th. Again, that’s ilpfoundry.us/join/ applications are open until April 30th! Do it! Foundry fellows set the strategy and run the operations of the foundry, and do cool projects like this podcast!

All right, announcements over, let’s get to the question at hand: should we tax our overlords?