What’s New In Tech Policy with the Foundry Fellows [S4E33]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
What's New In Tech Policy with the Foundry Fellows [S4E33]

What's new in tech policy with the foundry fellows (joe catapano, pictured right, lama mohammed, pictured center, reema moussa, pictured right)

Welcome back to the “Tech Policy Grind” podcast by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry! This episode, Foundry Fellows Reema Moussa, Lama Mohammed, and Joe Catapano cover some of the latest headlines in tech policy.

They cover the latest updates in the Federal Trade Commission’s case against the data broker Kochava, the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google, and the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). They also cover some global updates on AI regulation, from the White House’s AI executive order to the Global AI Safety Summit. Finally, Reema wraps up with coverage on Meta’s new political advertising disclosure policy around AI-generated content coinciding with new EU rules on targeted political ads for Big Tech.

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DISCLAIMER: Foundry Fellows Reema, Lama, and Joe engaged with this episode by the Internet Law & Policy Foundry voluntarily and in their personal capacities. The views and opinions expressed on this show do not reflect the organizations and institutions they are affiliated with.