Ana Acosta

Ana is currently a Global Privacy Manager at TrustArc where she helps companies align their data practices with GDPR, APEC, Privacy Shield, and CCPA regulations.

Prior, she was a legal fellow at the Wikimedia Foundation, and a Google Policy Fellow for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

During her tenure as a fellow, she assisted with privacy, copyright and content regulation legal, and policy research. She also interned at a L.A. biotech company and the Organization of American States (OAS), where she helped resolve privacy and cyber-security legal and policy issues. Ana graduated from a LL.M. (Master in Law) at UCLA in 2016, specializing in Technology, Media and Intellectual Property. She also helped design two Internet policy courses, one of them about gender violence online. Before living in the U.S., she worked at a top-tier Colombian law firm as a media and technology associate.