Apratim Vidyarthi

Apratim Vidyarthi is a sleep-deprived JD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania. He is interested in First Amendment issues, digital privacy, and information policy.

He previously worked for Deloitte in technology consulting, designing and implementing systems for state governments, healthcare and biotechnology companies, and financial clients.

Apratim earned an MS from Carnegie Mellon in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, where he focused on cybersecurity and privacy. He was also a Google Public Policy Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology, where he focused on electronic surveillance, privacy, and social media.

Apratim holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering, a BA in Applied Math, and a minor in Public Policy from UC Berkeley.
When not nerding out over the intricacies of new tech, Apratim does stand-up and improv comedy, plays tennis and gets excited when Roger Federer wins matches, boxes, and reads about presidential history over fine Scotch. Apratim also loves explaining that his name means ‘unique student’ in Hindi and that it is alright that you cannot pronounce it properly.