Michael Kubayanda

Michael Kubayanda, who is currently based in Washington, is a board member and privacy advisor to access.mobile, a health IT startup with headquarters in Colorado and operations in East Africa. The company is a pioneer in the Software as a Service (SaaS) market for hospitals and clinics in the region. Michael was a 2014 Google Policy Fellow with the Internet Education Foundation where he helped plot the vision, strategy, and path forward for the Foundry. He also helped plan events on copyright, privacy, and net neutrality among other topics. Michael planned and moderated a panel on the Right to be Forgotten for the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee.

Michael served as counsel to a congressional committee and worked in public policy prior to immersing himself in the tech world through a unique interdisciplinary platform, the Communications, Culture, and Technology master’s degree program at Georgetown University, where he studied product development; innovation, creativity, and strategy in complex systems; privacy; and strategic foresight (futurism). He recently graduated from Georgetown, holds degrees from The Ohio State University and Northwestern University, and studied trade and the information economy at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.