Connecting the Dots Backwards with Ellen Magallanes [S4E08]

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Connecting the Dots Backwards with Ellen Magallanes [S4E08]

Ellen Magallanes and microphone

This week Meri chatted with Class 4 Fellow Ellen Magallanes on her experience in privacy and at the Wikimedia Foundation.

Ellen is a dual-qualified US-Australian attorney and a Senior Counsel at the Wikimedia Foundation. Privacy law, like all the best rabbit holes, was something she fell into and never looked back. Now, Ellen furthers her interest in privacy with tech law advocacy in both of her homes: Australia and the US. 

They dig into her move from Australia to the US, her work at Wikimedia, and the challenges and wonders of tech policy advocacy and product counseling. Then, Ellen reflects on her journey to her current role and highlights the importance of experimenting to discover one’s passion and interests. She also covers taking the CIPP/US exam from IAPP.

Find and connect with Ellen Magallanes on LinkedIn here!

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