The Model Minority Myth in Tech [S3E05]

Tech Policy Grind
Tech Policy Grind
The Model Minority Myth in Tech [S3E05]

Welcome back to the Tech Policy Grind Podcast by the Internet Law and Policy Foundry. In this episode, Class 4 Fellow Ellen Magallanes interviews Carmen Lo, Associate at White & Case and Mike Pham, Product Manager at the Wikimedia Foundation.  

Episode five goes into deep and personal territory. As Asian Americans, what does the model minority myth mean to us in tech? What does “Asian American” even mean? What are some commonalities that unite Asian Americans, particularly in their experience of systemic racism, and what is the danger that lurks behind viewing the AAPI community as a monolith? Join Carmen, Mike and Ellen as we embark on a journey to scratch at the surface of these tough questions and stick around for advice gleaned from working deep in the trenches on how to make diversity better at your workplace. 

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