Jeremy Bernick

Jeremy Bernick (they/them) is a current J.D. Candidate (Class of 2025) at the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers’ College of Law. They are a dedicated public interest technologist whose interests and experiences intersect at the crossroads of labor, technology, and the law.

They currently serve as a clinical legal intern for the Amazon Labor Union (ALU). Prior to this, Jeremy was a former fellow at the National Science Foundation’s Center for Quantum Networks, an international, multi-university partnership to develop the world’s first quantum Internet. At the center, Jeremy was a Thrust 4 fellow where they studied and researched the implications of evolving quantum communications technologies on the future of global Internet infrastructure governance and Internet standards policies. In the Fall of 2022, they hosted the first-ever Quantum Internet Governance Forum (Q-IGF), a virtual convening on the implications of quantum internet technologies to the existing Internet Governance community.
They were also a former fellow at the Internet Society, ICANN, and American Registry for Internet Numbers respectively and the Co-Director for the 2022 IGF-USA Youth Event with Class of 2021 Fellow, Meri Baghdasaryan.