Jeremy Pesner

Jeremy is a multidisciplinary technologist, researcher, policy analyst and doctoral student with a Computer Science and social science background.

He currently conducts research in Internet governance, telecommunications policy, innovation policy and technology forecasting.

His Masters thesis documented the history and policy actors involved in the National Information Infrastructure, the major policy initiative that brought the Internet from academia to commercialization in the 90s, and sifting through over ten large boxes of old policy documents convinced him not to do research like this again. He has worked on technology projects for federal and local governments domestically and for policy nonprofits internationally.

He is an advocate of open source software and proudly, if imperfectly, runs Ubuntu Linux. Jeremy often codes in R and doesn’t want to debate its merits versus Python’s. He enjoys speaking about various topics in technology and futurism, and has done so at the World Future Society, TEDx Herndon, Hackers on Planet Earth and STGlobal, among other venues. He has also published several academic and journalistic articles on these topics, but hasn’t yet managed to get paid for his writing or speaking.

In his limited spare time, Jeremy enjoys video games and attempts to create digital artwork and music. Jeremy likes telling UDP jokes because he doesn’t care if you don’t get them.