Jess Miers

Jess Miers is a 2L Tech Edge J.D. candidate at Santa Clara University School of Law where she is currently a research assistant to her advisor and mentor, Professor Eric Goldman.

Jess is also a former Twitter legal intern and currently a Legal Collaborator at TechFreedom.

She is a passionate advocate for the protection of the Internet and online free speech. Her work focuses on fighting for the integrity of the Internet’s most important speech law, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Online, she’s known for her TEDx talk about Section 230 and content moderation and for her notorious Section 230 wrist tattoo. Jess is dedicated to becoming a legal policy expert on intermediary liability and content moderation.

Her passion for the Internet drove her to start the first law school organization in the country dedicated to Internet Law and Policy: the SCU Internet Law Student Organization (ILSO) in which she serves as Co-Founder and Co-President.  Jess is also a Computer Scientist and was previously a full time Software Engineer in D.C. before starting her legal career in California.